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Royal Academies

AVID - This program is designed to increase our college knowledge and give you academic support in your classes. You can expect to learn about college requirements, A-G courses, college pathways, the college systems, and have guest speakers. In the AVID program you will have a chance to go on college trips. You will take the AVID elective classes in 10th - 12th grades.
Child Development and Education - This program will begin in the 10th grade year and will increase knowledge in theories and milestones of development, the importance of early childhood education for future success, and teen and child nutrition, health and safety. Students in this program will receive college information and will explore careers. Students will have real world experience in our children’s center and on field trips. You will take the Child Development elective classes in 10th - 12th grades
Engineering - This program will begin in the 10th grade and focuses on Engineering and Design. Students in this program take a nationally recognized program to prepare them for a four year college with an emphasis in a STEM or engineering major. Students focus on career readiness, and as juniors will have paid internship opportunities. Students will have field trips to local colleges and manufacturing sites in Silicon Valley. You will take the Engineering elective classes in 10th - 12th grades
Fiat Lux - This program is an accelerated academic program designed to prepare students for four year colleges, particularly selective colleges like the UC system and private universities across the country. Students in this program take accelerated English in the 9th grade and AP Human Geography in 10th grade which prepares them for taking Advanced Placement courses during their 10th - 12th grades. There is no required elective but students must take one Advanced Placement course each year.  
Digital Art and Music (DAaM) - This program begins in the 10th grade and explores the roles, skill sets, jobs and equipment associated with the development of digital media. Students get hands-on experience with programs such as Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Students receive information about college readiness and visit colleges all over the state. Students also receive career pathway information which could prepare them for working in the field of digital arts. Students are required to take Multimedia elective classes in 10th - 12th grades.  
Puente - This program is designed by the UC California system to help prepare students for attending a four year university. In this program, students take Puente English in 9th and 10th grade which is an accelerated English class designed to prepare them for Advance Placement and college level courses. Students are also required to take AP Human Geography in the 10th grade. Students study literature written by people of color and learn critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that they will need to succeed in a variety of professions. Students attend an annual conference at a UC campus and have the opportunity to visit many four year universities during their four years in the PUENTE program. There is no required elective class.
Global Dreamers – This program is for Newcomers/Students learning English as their second Language that are new to the country. Select this academy only if you have been in the country less than six years.