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Royal Academies

  • AVID - Students receive tutorial support, gain essential information about universities, and complete motivational projects in the AVID elective class.
  • Child Development and Education Academy - Training students for future careers in teaching, child care and other human services, including nursing and social work. Students learn about major ideas of human development while gaining hands-on experience with children in our campus child care center.
  • Electronics Academy - Combining academics with career readiness for a technical and business environment and offering national PLTW engineering and computer technology classes, mentoring and internships; résume workshops, college tours, and a 98% graduation rate.
  • Fiat Lux - Providing preparation beyond the basic UC requirements and skills beyond the classroom to develop students ready to succeed at highly selective colleges and universities.
  • Multimedia Academy - Preparing students for the exciting and creative career pathway of Arts, Media, and Entertainment fields, they focus on the core multimedia class from levels 1-3 where they explore graphic design, filmmaking, motion graphics, 3-D modeling, and animation.
  • Puente - The Spanish word “puente” means “bridge,” and we seek to become the bridge between high school and college. Established in 1981, the mission of the Puente Program is “to increase the number of educationally underserved students who stay in high school, enroll in college, earn four-year college degrees, and return to the community as mentors and leaders to future generations.” Our academy achieves this mission by enrolling students into rigorous reading and writing courses, by teaching an inclusive, multicultural curriculum, by providing academic counseling from 9th to 12th grades, and by providing a small learning community in a big school.