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Fundraising at WCO
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The ASB Officers and the Activities Director must approve ALL funds raised by students.

All money collected/earned by a club or student organization at WCO must be deposited into the School Bank.  

Without following the RPO process, no money may be taken out of a club or organization’s account. There must be a CLEAR and concise accounting of all funds.  The club advisor and treasurer must keep concise records and copies of all RPO forms, deposit receipts, and purchases receipts for their club. 

Please read the following guidelines which apply to all fundraisers:

  1. Have the advisor check the WCO Calendar BEFORE picking a date or dates. It is vital to make sure that fundraisers refrain from competing. 
  2. Fill out the Fundraiser Request Form and submit it to the Activities Office (F4/Bank) at least two weeks BEFORE you begin your fundraising activity.  ASB Officers and the Activities Director approve paperwork each Monday, and approval emails will be sent out on Wednesday. 
  3. Wait to place an order until you have received an official ASB purchase order to give to the vendor. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED BY LAW TO SIGN/MAKE CONTRACTS WITH VENDORS!
  4. Use an RPO for any purchases needed to facilitate your fundraiser. 
  5. The advisor and president should check to see if your request has been approved or denied via their ESUHSD Gmail. 
  6. Deposit and count your money in the school bank. 
    • Make an appointment with our bank clerk, Ms. Sandy, x. 75924
    • If you sold tickets as part of your fundraiser, they must be numbered.
    • If you are selling tickets online, you must use GoFan; our Activities Director can assist you with this process via an appointment.
    • You must fill out and submit the ticket count and cash deposit form for events where tickets are sold.

Important Reminders
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  • Concessions priority during athletic events goes in the following order:
    1. Sports Team 
    2. ASB
    3. Clubs     
  • All events must follow the ESUHSD Code of Conduct. 
  • Due to water usage, Ms. Murillo must approve all car washes before submitting to ASB. 
  • All club food sale fundraisers open to students (outside of Club Food Day) must be after school only. 
  • Rescheduled fundraisers/events MUST be re-approved by ASB.