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Get Involved!
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Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have some fun.

You can display your talents, develop your leadership and organizational abilities, learn to make decisions and manage your time, and enhance your people skills – all traits that will help you in high school and beyond.

Check out the many clubs and organizations you can join below!

2022-2023 ASB Officers
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Julissa De Anda 



Mikayla Abalos 



Sawithda Chhoeng 


Contact Us!
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Email your ASB Officers at

Class Officers
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  • Class officers represent their class (students in their grade)
  • Class officers gather information on what the class wants - especially when it comes to events and activities
  • Class Officers plan with ASB to make these things happen

2022-23 Class OfficersTop of Page

Class of 2023

Instagram: wco_2023
Enrique Rivera 

Alondra Patino 

Melody Villegas 

Adrian Maldonado 

Class of 2024

Instagram: wco_2024
Lyly Heng
Josue Chirinos 

Jackeline Do 

Serena Tran 

Class of 2025

Instagram: wco_2025 

Valerie Ortiz 

Juliza Marquez 

Paulina Meza  

Active Clubs (Updated November 2022)
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Club Name Meeting Days Time Location Advisor President
Art Club M/TH 10:30 AM A141 Cynthia Cardenas Victoria Tamayo
Athletics Monday-Friday 4:30 PM D209 Meghan Levers Delanny Meza
Aztec Club M/T 4:40 PM Lower Quad Natalia Sanchez Gonzalez Andrea Zamora
Badminton Monday Lunch C107 Linda Tran Chelsie Nguyen
Boxing Club Tuesday/Thursday 3:15   Hector Tejada Noah Moreno
BSU Wednesdays (Monthly) Lunch A135 Kyle Prince Xia Watts
Builders Club Monday/Thursday AFTERSCHOOL C209 Mr. Gonzales Elias Barron
Californians for Justice       Fowler  
Cheerleading T/TH 4:30 PM B108 Stephanie Arcia Scarlette Arellano
Child Development Tuesday OR Friday Lunch L108 Gemaline Day Santiago Rivera
Class of 2023 Tuesday 3:00 F5 Chiala Enrique Rivera & Alondra Patino
Class of 2024         Lyly Heng
Class of 2025         Julizamarie Marquez & Valerie Ortiz
Cross Country Monday-Friday 4:05 PM Track Jesus Torres Kerry Terry
CVK Monday Lunch B110 Daniel Tran Chelsie Nguyen
Electronics Academy Mon/Thursday Lunch Lunch D102 Eugene Martinez Manraj Singh
FASA Thursday Lunch G117 Anette Norona Mikayla Abalos
Fiat Lux Club Thursday Lunch C101 Ludy Aguada Phillip Le
Football Monday - Friday 4:30 PM D207 Carlo Maningo Antonio Lopez
Gaming Club Mon- Friday Lunch C209    
Girl's Soccer Monday-Friday 4:30 PM D209 Meghan Levers Delanny Meza
Girls' Tennis Monday After School Tennis Courts Monique Paris Avangelyne Chacon
Global Dreamers Newcomers Club Monday 4-5 pm E-111/E-109 Karen Fechino- Teopp Adrian Crawford
Girl's Volleyball Monday - Friday 4-6 PM Gym Julie Gonzalez Jasia Collins
La Raza Friday 3:30 PM E107 Nilda Calvo Alexandra Cisneros & Jacqueline Rosales Garcia
Latinos Club Wednesdays 12:40 PM B104 Carlos Torres Garcia Alexandra Ruby Villa
Lady Royals Rugby Thursday 6:00 PM Field Susanna Guardado Julissa De Anda
Leadership Monday 2:20 F4 Kyle Prince Julissa De Anda
Mariachi Monday-Friday 4:30 PM A131 David Sanchez Julissa Morfin
Polynesian Thursday & Friday 2:45 PM C114 Marcy Smith Louisa Saipaia
Puente Club Wednesday 12:40 C114 Lynn Ha Elias Martinez
Roblox Club Wednesday 12:40 ? David Sanchez Marq Viloria
Shuttle Club Friday 12:35 C107 Linda Tran Chelsie Nguyen
Super Gaming Club Monday-Friday     Nicholas Gonzalez Victor Villalobos
Tahitian M/TH - Lunch C203 12:00 C203 Daniella Potter Jasia Collins
United Leadership Class Monday-Wednesday- Thursday 8:30 - 10:05 E102 Monique Paris Julie La
Volleyball Club T/TH Lunch GYM Daniella Potter Diana Ceja
Volleyball Monday - Friday 4 - 6 PM Gym Julie Gonzales Jasia Collins
Overfelt Westling Monday-Friday 16:15 Wrestling Room Julie Gonzales Abi Johal
Yearbook Club Tuesday 12:35 PM   Marcy Smith / Ernesto Hernandez Emily Romero
Zine Club